Case Study: Everyrun Empowers NGO to Successfully Organise a Virtual Run for Independence Day

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Alona Lashchenko

06/09/2023 | Use Cases
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We are thrilled to present a case study showcasing the remarkable journey of Ukraine Shelter NGO, which harnessed the power of the Everyrun platform to seamlessly organise a Virtual Run titled "Strong and Independent Together: Celebrating Independence Day." This event served as a testament to the efficacy and support that Everyrun provides to NGOs seeking to make a real-world impact.

Challenges Faced by Ukraine Shelter Team

The Ukraine Shelter team embarked on a mission to organise a virtual run for Independence Day but faced several critical challenges:

Organisational Complexity: Coordinating an event involving participants from different countries presented logistical complexities. Managing registrations, communication, and fundraising required a robust and user-friendly platform.

Global Outreach: To maximise their impact, the team aimed to engage participants from various corners of the world. They needed a platform that could effectively reach a global audience and facilitate participation.

Fundraising Efficiency: Fundraising was a critical aspect of the event, and the team needed a platform that could securely handle transactions, track donations, and ensure transparency in fund allocation.

Race Tracking and Results: The NGO required a solution for participants to record their runs accurately, publish finisher tables, event photos, and conduct a fair prize raffle based on race completion.

The Role of Everyrun

Everyrun, with its comprehensive platform and mobile app, addressed these challenges effectively, empowering the Ukraine Shelter team to execute a successful event:

Streamlined Registration: Everyrun's user-friendly registration system simplified the onboarding process for participants, ensuring a smooth start to the event.

Global Network: Leveraging Everyrun's extensive network, the NGO was able to reach participants from 12 different countries. The platform's global presence and outreach capabilities were instrumental in uniting a diverse group of supporters under a common cause.

Secure Fundraising: Everyrun's secure payment processing system ensured that donations were handled safely and efficiently. Donors had confidence in the platform's reliability, leading to increased contributions.

Race Tracking and Results: Everyrun's mobile app provided participants with a convenient way to record their runs accurately. It enabled the organisers to publish finisher tables and event photos promptly. This feature eliminated the need for manual data entry and reduced errors.

Achievements Made Possible by Everyrun

Thanks to the support of Everyrun and its mobile app, the Ukraine Shelter team achieved remarkable results:

Registered Participants: With Everyrun's assistance, the NGO successfully registered 88 participants, showcasing the platform's ability to streamline registration processes.

Global Collaboration: Everyrun's network enabled participants from 12 different countries to come together for a common goal, fostering international collaboration that would have been challenging to achieve otherwise.

Fundraising Success: Everyrun's secure transaction system facilitated the collection of 17,128.56 Ukrainian hryvnias, with transparent tracking and allocation of funds, instilling trust in donors.

Efficient Race Tracking: The Everyrun app allowed participants to accurately record their runs, while the platform's capabilities enabled publishing of finisher tables and photos. This streamlined process saved time and reduced errors for organisers.

Prize Raffle Based on Finisher Table

Using Everyrun's accurate finisher tables, the Ukraine Shelter team conducted a fair prize raffle, enhancing the credibility and transparency of the event.

Impact on the Ukraine Shelter Team

Everyrun's platform and mobile app not only facilitated the event's success but also made a lasting impact on the Ukraine Shelter team:

Efficiency: By simplifying registration, fundraising, and race-tracking processes, Everyrun allowed the team to focus on their core mission of supporting families and women in need.

Global Reach: The platform's global network expanded the team's reach, raising awareness about their mission on an international scale.

Transparency: Everyrun's robust tracking and reporting capabilities ensured that funds were allocated exactly where needed, enhancing transparency and accountability.

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