Introducing Our New Mobile App for Runners!

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Alona Lashchenko

21/07/2023 | News
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We are excited to announce our all-new Everyrun Mobile App designed exclusively for runners like you! With this powerful app, you can participate in exciting virtual events and access your personal QR code to join any physical event listed on the Everyrun platform.

Download now on iPhone and Android.

Join Virtual Events with Ease:

Experience the thrill of running events from tanywhere in the World and feel the sense of community! Our mobile app grants you access to a wide range of virtual events happening worldwide. Whether it's a fun 5K or a challenging marathon, there's a perfect event waiting for you.

Your Personal QR Code for Physical Events:

Say goodbye to paper tickets and long queues at physical events! With the Everyrun Mobile App, you'll find your unique QR code that serves as your seamless entry pass to any physical event listed on our platform. Simply scan the QR code at the event, and you're all set to run!

Download Now and Elevate Your Run:

Whether you're eager to conquer virtual events from anywhere in the world or join physical races hassle-free with your personal QR code, this app is your ultimate running companion.

Download now on iPhone and Android and let's elevate your run together!

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