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Find and join unique running events, or earn money hosting your own races.

Everyrun provides everything you need to organise a fun run, park run or other community race - all in one place. Create and publish your event, register runners and upload race results. We even provide a free timing solution!

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Connect and run together anywhere in the world

Everyrun is a global community of runners and race organisers. Register today to find and join local races, training sessions and unique experiences.

For hosts we provide everything you need to organise a fun run, time trial or competitive race and a global community of runners and volunteers.

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How Everyrun works

register as organiser

Step 1

Register at everyrun.world

The process only takes a few minutes

Step 2

Find a race

Use the search box to find events near you.

create your event
promote your event

Step 3

Register for the event

The event registration only takes 2 seconds. You will receive a ticket and reminder by email and you can see all of your upcoming events on your profile page.

Step 4

Prepare for the race

Every runner has a personal QR code and you use this code to attend all events. Print it out or save it to your phone.

prapare for race day
hold the event



At the end of the race, you will recieve a token or position number. Make sure the race organisers scan this and your QR code so you receive your race results.

Step 6

Check your results

The results will be uploaded to the website by the race organiser after the race and you will receive an e-mail notification. Check your personal profile to see if you have received any awards and share your race result on social media.

prapare for race day

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