75% of all illnesses diagnosed in America are preventable

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Ian Bearder

30/07/2023 | Useful info
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In this video with Daniel Lieberman, a Harvard University professor who studies human evolution and its connection to exercise, sleep, running, cancer, and sugar. He explains the shocking fact that only 3% of medical spending in the USA goes on disease prevention, yet 75% of illnesses diagnosed are actually preventable with regular exercise.

He discusses the following key points:

Humans evolved to be physically active through farming and hunting-gathering, but modern lifestyles have led to decreased physical activity, contributing to health issues like cancer, depression, and anxiety.

Lieberman emphasizes the importance of strength training, especially as people age, to prevent muscle loss and maintain overall health.

He challenges the concept of retirement, suggesting it may not be suitable for everyone due to its potential negative impact on physical activity and health.

Some of the biggest myths about exercise include the belief that humans are naturally inclined to exercise like modern gym-goers, the necessity of eight hours of sleep per night, and the "10,000 steps a day" rule, which lacks scientific basis.

Lieberman shares insights from his research on sitting and sleep, stating that regular interruptions while sitting are healthier, and natural human sleep patterns may not necessarily conform to the popular notion of eight hours per night.

The interviewer commends Lieberman's work in evolutionary medicine and asks about any personal changes he has made based on his research. Lieberman indicates that he has become more serious about incorporating strength training into his own life.

Overall, the interview presents Lieberman's research-based views on exercise, sleep, and their connection to human evolution, challenging some common misconceptions about these topics.

Watch the full interview below

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